Ottawa Property Manager

Our founders - Ayhan Akkaya and L. Akkaya are leading the team of 8. Our Operation Director Allison White and Field Services Director V. Creaco are always in support our business.  More

  1.    We recently acquired  a leading industry website to promote our  properties for Landlords and tenants
  2.  We recently acquired a leading Classifieds website to promote our properties for Landlords and Tenants.
  3. We recently joint-ventured with Ottawa For Sale by Owner website.


We do provide extensive services for our Tenants:

  1. Arrange house showings
  2. Respond tenant's call within 2 hours
  3. Provide 7/24 services on site
  4. Resolve the issues once they occur latest within 48 hours
  5. Provide year end receipt for income tax purposes
  6. Snow removal (if applicable)
  7. Lawn moving (if applicable)
  8. Mediate the issues between tenants, Landlords and condo management

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