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Our founders - Ayhan Akkaya and L. Akkaya are leading the team of 8. Our Operation Director Allison White and Field Services Director V. Creaco are always in support our business.  More

  1.    We recently acquired  a leading industry website to promote our  properties for Landlords and tenants
  2.  We recently acquired a leading Classifieds website to promote our properties for Landlords and Tenants.
  3. We recently joint-ventured with Ottawa For Sale by Owner website.


In the mid 1990’s I wanted to expand my personal real estate investment portfolio, so I and a small group of family and friends began to pool our resources in order to acquire more lucrative investments.

When family, friends, and coworkers heard of our group's success, more and more people asked to join. As a result, Ottawa Property Management Team was incorporated in 2000 in order to provide "group real estate investment and purchaser services."

The idea behind Ottawa Property Management Team was that group real estate investment would give everyday people the power to increase their investment opportunities, their buying and holding power, their security of investment, their return on investment, and provide the group with access to expertise while enhancing our knowledge base.

Because traditional property management focused on a status-quo approach to operations and lacked profit optimization strategies, I formed On-Site Solutions to increase the cash flow, capital appreciation, and security of the properties that Ottawa Property Management Team was investing in.

We have consistently been ahead of market trends, often investing in down markets contrary to the prevailing conventional wisdom at the time. We successfully invested in Ottawa downtown, Barrhaven, Kanata, Riverside south, Orleans, Sandy Hill, Westboro when most thought these markets to be dismal.

To date, Ottawa Property Management Team has provided 11 investments to our client base in addition to engaging in a variety of private investments that were too small or required to much speed for the majority of our group. We have also delivered countless hours of real estate investment consulting services. As of 2014, Ottawa Property Management Team has produced a total of over $1,100,000.00 of profit via its investments.

We are planning to greatly increase this figure over the next 3 years by focusing on improving profitability for the members of our group who are invested in Ottawa and surroundings, where we plan to take them to a very lucrative exit. In the future, I personally look forward to consulting, refining the company’s client base, and exploring the potential of creating additional companies that streamline the real estate investment process.


Ayhan Akkaya

CEO, Ottawa Property Manager


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